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05 April 2019

An Exchange of Reciprocal Value: Mentoring

What does it mean to have a mentor? It means having an expert voice nearby. Someone to listen to and talk to, in order to continue growing and make the right choices. The community can help you find one... or become one!


The advice of an expert; help in a critical phase of one's life journey; the way made clearer by the indications of those who have already passed: mentoring is all this. Since 2014, Bocconi Alumni Community has offered mentoring service to Alumni as part of the Career Advice service.

In the last five years, 300 Alumni have found a mentor thanks to the community, and just as many Alumni have started mentoring.Professionals with years of experience and a desire to share can meet other professionals looking to clarify doubts or to expand their skills.

Not only that, Bocconi Alumni Community also collaborates on the "Mentoring for Students" project, thus bringing together Alumni mentors with students who request advice on their study path choices.

Mentoring will soon be integrated with Bocconi Alumni Connect, the platform reserved for Bocconi Alumni. When you register, you will be able to indicate that you would like to be a mentor. Bocconi Alumni Connect is able to provide a match between possible mentors and mentees registered on the platform, in support of Career Advice efforts to bring appropriate profiles together.

Who are the Mentors: senior Alumni who decide to share their experience freely and generously, becoming a guide with the sole aim of promoting the Mentee's professional growth.

Who are the Mentees: alumni or students who find themselves in a crucial moment of their journey. They would benefit from the presence and support of a more experienced person who has already met and overcome the same obstacles.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is a growth experience for both, because as you know, you never stop learning.

For more information on Mentoring, click here.